Daily Update

We keep getting snippets of what the totally democratic controlled state legislature is willing to enact and unfortunately, it is going to cost taxpayers more and more of their hard-earned dollars.   The question becomes, how many New Yorkers will stay and pay the increased cost democrats are willing to inflict on their constituents.  Empire Center’s Bill Hammond explains the pitfalls of the currently popular single-payer health care plan embraced by democrats here. 

Rich Lowry writes in today’s NY Post that Trump’s critics were dead wrong about the caravan.  after all.

Don’t blame Border Patrol for clashing with caravan migrants. 

Flash Back:  When the democrats said the caravan wasn’t dangerous. 

Dallas Morning News: Illegals Storming the Border Make the Case For Trump’s Wall. 

The Daily Signal looks at 4 problems in the latest climate change report.    They also link to a Daily Caller article that exposes that the research going into the latest climate change report was funded by two major democratic donors.

Here is a college professor that should be emulated by all professors.   Unfortunately, it will never happen.   

A Judge Will Likely Rule Against Obamacare. Here’s What Should Happen Next.

Sen. Tom Cotton spells out his concerns with the criminal justice reform bill. 

Robert Knight opines on Trump and the ongoing culture war. 

Larry Horist had a few words (before Thanksgiving) for the left-wing media.