Daily Update

The latest news from Albany is sure to make you wonder if there are any real consequences for breaking laws that fall into the felony categories.  We understand the need for second chances, however, if people who have served their time were rehabilitated, we would not have had the need to pass the three strikes bill (even the current proposal for criminal justice reform, keeps a minimum of 25 years for 3 strikes).   Senator Benjamin will be introducing legislation to allow felons to serve on jury duty.  The voir dire process, could easily become comprised with the prosecutors running out of challenges early on; as the article notes, Chairman Long thinks it is a “bad idea.” 

Yesterday’s NY Post editorial gave us more information on Governor Andrew Cuomo’s leftist agenda. 

Ken Lovett writes in today’s NY Daily News that Progressive victories in early 2019 could propel Cuomo if he runs for President. 

Tom Basile writes in Empire Report that the NY GOP needs ditch diggers. 

The Washington Times has an analysis by S.A. Miller and Stephen Dinan that Trump is more right than Roberts on ‘Obama judges’. 

‘Federal Jobs Guarantee’ Idea Is Costly, Misguided, And Increasingly Popular with Democrats. 

What will it take for NYCHA to stop delivering no-heat holidays? 

Lindsey Graham Makes a Suggestion for Ocasio-Cortez After She Defends Migrant Caravan. 

Poor Chuckie Schumer: Still known by two names

Oh Barbra, you are so very wrong