Weekly Wrap-Up

After the hustle and bustle of last week, the news is slowing down just a bit as we welcome the Thanksgiving season.

It’s not all quiet, of course – we’re still seeing possible Cabinet shakeups for the Trump White House; Democratic efforts to steal elections they can’t win; and more bitterness from Hillary Clinton. This week Andrew Cuomo managed to speak the truth about New York’s tax burden, and we’ve seen what a raw deal New Yorkers got in the election of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (and the left seems to be having buyer’s remorse as well).

Our new Weekly Poll questions share a Thanksgiving theme, and we’ll start with one focused specifically on politics – what are you MOST thankful for in the political realm right now?

President Trump is in the White House, and Hillary is not – that fills me with gratitude for sure. I’m thankful that Brett Kavanaugh is on the Supreme Court, and that Chuck Schumer did not win the power to block President Trump’s judicial nominees.

And here at home, I’m so glad we had strong, principled candidates like Marc Molinaro and Chele Farley who were willing to take the fight to the liberals and stand up for conservative values.

I look forward to seeing your votes on this question, and our second one as well: What are you most thankful for as an American right now?

We can’t totally avoid politics here, because much of what we as patriots cherish is under attack from the new left-wing majority in the U.S. House – from religious liberty, the 2nd Amendment and the Constitution itself, to the economic prosperity our country enjoys.

I am of course thankful for the U.S. military, and the brave service members who will stand guard far from home this year so that we can celebrate in peace. To me that should absolutely, always be a non-partisan position.

At any rate, there’s plenty to choose from – evidence of our abundance of blessings – and I look forward to seeing what makes you give thanks this year!

And finally, a fun question to wrap things up: What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition? I know food, family, friends, and football are on a lot of people’s minds right now – tell me what you believe makes Thanksgiving great.

Let me close by saying that I am thankful to be the leader of your Conservative Party. I can’t think of a more dedicated group of citizens and patriots, who care about our state and our nation.

Thank you for your dedication, and a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!