Daily Update

Governor Andrew Cuomo says the $3B giveaway to Amazon “costs us nothing.”    While Governor Cuomo obviously believes what he is saying, however, his history of being correct falls short. 

Nicole Gelinas doesn’t think NY should be begging for Amazon’s new jobs.    The NY Post editorial board calls the Amazon deal “no win for New Yorkers”  while E. J. McMahon says we can blame the unions for New York’s pricey giveaway to Amazon

Does anyone believe Amazon  or Mayor de Blasio

Who could have foreseen the irony with this deal?  Amazon HQ2 deal brings conservatives and Ocasio-Cortez together. 

The Beat writes that Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza is misinformed on school funding and on the serious problems with single-payer health care.

NYC’s so-called investigation of yeshivas is a farce.

Victor Davis Hanson opines on the Present American Revolution.

Podcast: What You Need to Know About Florida Recount, Georgia Vote Tallying. 

Trump Is Right: Poor Land Management Is Leading to Bigger California Fires

Climate Scientists Discover Error in Major Ocean-Warming Study. 

Michael Goodwin is a very perceptive writer and he may very well have some good advice for President Trump in this column. 

Wednesdays with Walter E. Williams.