Daily Update

Little by little, Governor Andrew Cuomo and the democratic controlled legislature, are telling New Yorkers’ of their plans for the future.  Had they been honest prior to the elections, the results would, most likely, have been different.   Maybe if there was more than one debate —dominated by The Bully who was too afraid to tell us his plans — County Executive Marc Molinaro would be Governor-Elect. What is strange is that he thinks letting illegals have driver’s licenses  – that open the door to other privilege’s  – will play well in the 2020 elections.  Will the driver’s license the Governor and the democratic controlled legislature plan to allow undocumented immigrants have, be obviously NOT Real ID  compliant to all it may be presented to?

The democratic controlled state of New York should also be aware of the fallacy of single-payer health care. 

Investor’s Business Daily examines recent reports on poverty in America. 

Perhaps in the future this will actually happen,  since it requires a referendum by the voters.  We can only hope that voters would eliminate this unnecessary office and the inflated budget that goes with it.

Thankfully, members of his own party believe he has a problem with what he posted. 

Kirsten Gillibrand’s ridiculous ‘moral compass’ claim

Nancy Pelosi is desperate to maintain her hold on being the Speaker of the House. 

As a practicing catholic, this breaks my heart;   and this makes me justifiably angry. 

If you don’t watch Saturday Night Live you missed this newly elected Congressman, Dan Crenshaw, who has a lot of class! 

Long Island City will gain jobs  and Buffalo loses some. 

Rest in Peace, Dr. Herbert I.London.