Daily Update

Before the elections on Tuesday, Gov. Cuomo did not put forth what he hoped to accomplish in his third term, we now know his leftist agenda. Governor, the Republican majority passed ethics reform, what did you do to encourage Speaker Heastie to pass ethics reform?  If I remember right, you claimed you passed the strongest ethics reform early in your first term …and we all know how well that turned out.

Bob McManus has always called them like he sees them and his column, posted yesterday, does not disappoint.  Can bigfoot Andrew Cuomo survive the new all-blue Albany? 

Queens sends a former DREAMER to the New York Assembly.  This, and the fact that New York is dominated by democrats, will change the dynamics of the debate in Albany and expect it to happen early in the session.     

Californians Double Down on Progressivism. Here’s Why It’s a Problem for Red State Neighbors.  Will California Blue Wave Lead to Insolvency Faster? 

The Beat enlightens us about the MTA’s underwater problem

Michael Goodwin tells us how Jim Acosta violated one of the oldest rules of journalism. 

Will Democrats Overplay Their (Relatively Weak) Hand? 

What simply amazes me is the extremes that the Left pursue in their disapproval of President Trump’s tweets and some of the aggressive ways he handles himself and his perception of others.  They criticize his unique style and call him unpresidential.  Well, this mob is obviously  oblivious to common courtesy , and incapable of seeing that what they are doing is completely unamerican.  In fact, not only is it unamerican, it is very close to being illegal; free speech does not protect mob rule.  Guy Benson has the latest on this atrocity.