Daily Update

Election day is in the books.  On the positive side, all the campaign commercials are over.  New York City elected the Governor for the whole state and as the NY Post editorial points out, it is an empty victory; and upstate is now in the hands of progressive democrats who control both legislative houses as well as every state wide position 

Marc Molinaro won in 44 counties and to the people who voted on the Conservative Party Line, we THANK You for keeping us on Row C. 

Kudos to all our candidates for fighting the good fight despite the main stream media’s bias that displays itself constantly and the not so subtle jabs from the entertainment world.  It is not easy to run for office – not that it should be – but being a conservative republican in a deeply blue state is akin to being that last morsel of food in the desert being eyed by various starving animals.

If you read this article covering Gov. Cuomo’s election night speech, you will notice how he hammers President Trump immediately when he says, “We know his type too well. The president has defrauded this nation two years ago when he said he was for the middle class…”  Governor, apparently you have forgotten how you pulled the wool over New Yorkers eyes when you claimed to be for the middle class and for the last 8 years how you have gone on to disparage that same middle class.  President Trump has kept his promises – you have not, but I imagine you will now that your true progressive colors have been put on full display. 

New York City approves all 3 City Charter Revisions.   Great, more tax dollars to be used by politicians to get elected to pass laws that will cost even more tax dollars. 

The Democrats have taken the House and this is what we have to look forward to:  House Dems poised to slam Trump with subpoenas. 

The Daily Signal reports on 7 of Pelosi’s Priorities as Democrats Take Back the House. 

‘Blue wave’ turns out to be ordinary election, rather than an extraordinary rebuke to Trump. 

Investor’s Business Daily opines on this:  Can Dems Reverse Trumponomics After Winning Back The House?

Florida is heading for an automatic recount in its US Senate race.

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams. .