Daily Update

The NY Post editorial opined on Cuomo’s pre-election payoff to a major union.   The editorial ends with this: “Cuomo’s excuse for staying off the campaign trail, even skipping the League of Women Voters debate in Albany last week, is that he’s too busy doing state business. Too busy making the state government do his business is more like it.” 

Governor Cuomo no longer looks at the voters of New York as constituents he can help, we have become constituents that serve HIS needs and wants.  .  It is time to remind Gov. Cuomo that our government was founded as We the People; not for elected officials who believe they are supreme and can do as they wish.

We the People have to make our voices heard tomorrow:  GOVERNMENT SERVES US, WE THE PEOPLE DO NOT SERVE GOVERNMENT.  Send the message, vote on the Conservative Line.   

The two major newspapers in New York City believe Jonathan Trichter should be the comptroller of New York State.  In case you missed this yesterday, here is what the NY Daily News said on Sunday and the NY Post said on October 29, 2018

As a quick reminder, the NY Post also endorsed Marc Molinaro , Chele Farley, and Keith Wofford.  Please forward to your family and friends and ask them to also send a message by voting on the Conservative Line.

The Syracuse Post also endorsed Marc Molinaro  stating, in part, that “Cuomo had his chance. In 2013, he appointed a Moreland Commission to investigate Albany’s culture of corruption. He disbanded it in 2014, before it could finish its work. Out of Moreland’s ashes came this year’s corruption trials over the Buffalo Billion, the film hub and the LED lighting factory in DeWitt. The hard-charging governor demanded results; testimony revealed how far his staff would go to deliver. The end result was a series of ill-conceived projects in Central New York and an embarrassment for his administration.”

E. J. McMahon lets us know that a Key Cuomo budget update is late—again   Certainly not because the Governor was preparing for debates , rather he was quietly raising hospital Medicaid rates  and paying off his union buddies (see above.)

The Empire Center also opines on the Tax Cap

The Beat looks at what will happen if Albany is completely blue

The Daily Signal has a short synopsis about the 3 big differences between conservatives and progressives. 

How Trump’s helped people with pre-existing conditions and major health issues. 

Mayor de Blasio is another elected official that does not understand the concept of We the People.