Daily Update

The debate continues:  CATHOLICS DIVIDED OVER BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP.  Hear what Chairman Long has to say on Birthright Citizenship. 

Yes, Unvetted Illegal Caravans Threaten Public Health. 

Trump Is Right. Ending Birthright Citizenship Is Constitutional.

Even if it was a joke,  offering our tax dollars as an incentive to build a second headquarters in New York, is ludicrous when the company is worth $1 trillion dollars. 

Benchmarking New York:  a report by the Empire Center. 

Forbes looks at AG Candidate Keith Wofford. 

The Beat examines equality or excellence, and Subway No-Go. 

This is what a Speaker Pelosi is planning on doing if she becomes Speaker again. 

Larry Horist asks the question:  Do voters really want to kill off the booming economy?

Trump’s reversal of failed Obama policies has created a booming economy. 

Conrad Black opines on Trump’s Winning Demeanor. 

The caliber of candidates running on the democratic line really needs to improve.  For example: This Ocasio-Cortez Fundraising Email Is Completely Unhinged and Tasteless. And, of course, our press release earlier today.