Daily Update

The NY Post endorses Marc Molinaro for Governor:  Vote for reformer Marc Molinaro, not corruptocrat Andrew Cuomo.    And that isn’t the only editorial board that did so!  The Auburn Citizen:  Our view: Molinaro should be New York’s next governor.  The Daily Gazette: Molinaro is New York’s future.  And don’t forget what Crain’s NY Business had to say:  The case against Cuomo.   “The governor is smart and talented but has personality flaws and control issues that are wearing thin and hurting New York. To support his re-election would be to ensure they continue. We cannot.”  Neither should you. 

Here is a NY Post comparison of County Executive Molinaro and Governor Cuomo.   Carl Campanile writes of Marc Molinaro’s plan to overhaul the “Scaffold Law.” 

Jonathan Trichter and Thomas DiNapoli will debate tonight  In NYC on NY1 at 7:00 pm and on Spectrum News in the rest of New York State at 8:00 PM.  Have you seen Jonathan Trichter’s newest ad?  Watch it here

Don’t forget to stop by all our candidates pages, (click on the tab “More Links” to find each individual page) on our blog where you can see Chele Farley on NY1 ,  be sure to watch Chele Farley on NY 1 stress the importance being certain the migrants in the caravan are vetted. and Keith Wofford’s latest endorsements

Read Marc Molinaro’s latest statement on halting negative ads on our page for County Executive Molinaro. 

Nicole Gelinas writes that the bottom just fell out of the MTA’s finances. 

San Francisco spends tax dollars to let non-citizens vote in school board elections.. How long will it be before it is every election?

Mexico offers caravan migrants benefits to stay; thousands refuse.  Does anyone still believe the caravan is all about “asylum-seekers,” fleeing drug-fueled communities.  As the Heritage Foundation points out:  The Left Goes Full Open Borders