Daily Update

Cuomo has utterly failed the people of upstate New York.

Tina Moore and Bruce Golding write that Gov. Cuomo forgets FALN attacks while discussing NYC terrorism;   he didn’t forget, it just did not serve his narrative.  Does anyone know why Governor Cuomo had to be part of the press conference yesterday?  Thankfully no one was hurt and no bombs exploded , but the Governor felt the need to let the world know he was in control, and to say that he had also received a “device” which happened to be a thumb drive. Yet he never knew that his personal executive assistant was making campaign phone calls from his public office.  If you believe that, we have a bridge to sell you.

The Pipe-Bombs Story: Another Example of Why No One Trusts the Media. 

‘Public shaming’ gets Molinaro an audience with business leaders. 

You Can See America’s Future Under Socialism, And It Isn’t Pretty.

A Democratic House majority could be dangerous for our country – here’s why. 

Tax-Cut Repeal Could Cost Americans $27K in Pay Over 10 Years, Study Says. 

Judge Accuses State Department of Making ‘False Statements’ on Clinton Emails. 

Did you know this about George Soros? 

It has been almost three years since we had the privilege of having J. J. Hanson speak at our Conservative Party Political Action Conference, if you were there, I am certain that you remember his courage and faith.  Listen to the Daily Signal podcast with his wife, Kristen, on why he was opposed to physicians assisted suicide.   Thank you, Kristen.  Rest in Peace, J. J.