Daily Update

Did you watch the debate last evening?  If not, you can watch it here. The New York Post editorial sums it up with this:  In debate, Andrew Cuomo shifts from chicken to bully.  Bully is mild considering his constant interruptions and telling the moderator that he was speaking.  If you watch a moderate amount of TV in the evening, you cannot escape from the commercials berating bullying in school, yet, we have a governor who is the biggest bully – and proud of being a bully – in New York State.  What kind of message is this sending the children we are trying to teach that bullying is unwarranted, unjustified and undeserved?   Make the message clear on November 6:  No Bullies in the bully pulpit!  Vote for Marc Molinaro on the Conservative Line. 

The NY Post reporters had this to say:  Cuomo, Molinaro come out swinging in likely only debate. and Nicole Gelinas called County Executive Molinaro a solid candidate. 

Here is how Ken Lovett describes the debate:  Cuomo unleashes his inner Mike Tyson in feisty debate with GOP challenger Molinaro.    He ends his column with this “Cuomo is expected to remain New York’s leading heavyweight.”  Again, is this the image we want as Governor when we have a concerted effort to eliminate bullying?  Even Ken Lovett’s column portrays Governor Cuomo as a bully. 

Hudson Valley Dem’s Israel gaffe at debate could prove costly. 

Giving Away Money Won’t End Poverty, but It Will Destroy Something Special About America. 

Government economists offer window into what a socialist US Economy would look like. 

The Beat reminds us again of the looming pension crisis. 

President Trump makes good use of an old President Obama video clip. 

John Lott, Jr. opines on the problem with the FBI’s ‘Active Shooter’ data. 

When did ethical problems become a racist issue? 

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams.  (This column will undoubtedly raise some eyebrows.)