Daily Update

The one, and so far, only debate between Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Marc Molinaro, will be on television tonight.  Click here  to find out where you can watch it.   As the NY Post editorial writes today. “It’s about time Cuomo agreed to a debate.”

The Governor is the recipient of two NY Post editorials today, the second one, the more important of the two:  What a surprise — Another Cuomo donor gets a huge payday.

Bob McManus  also writes today that ‘Chicken’ Cuomo will keep on dodging   and has great questions that should be asked of Governor Cuomo, but we all know that Governor Cuomo will not answer them, even if he were asked.  Maybe that is why the debate is taped.   

The Olean Times Herald endorses Marc Molinaro. 

The Empire Center takes a hard look at the employment numbers for the last 10 years and there is only one conclusion:  the last eight years have seen a sharp and growing economic divide between upstate and downstate.  Read the report here. 

Jonathan Trichter critiques Comptroller DiNapoli on lack of oversight in protecting taxpayer’s funds. 

Cory Booker:  did you fail American History? Lofty ideal; unfeasible economically.  It really is pitifully inferior to propose such an impracticable, unworkable, impossible idea to those who think it would be possible. 

‘Remember who started it’: Obama takes credit for Trump’s ‘economic miracles’.   Mr. Obama what is really bizarre is that you truly believe you should get the credit of the current booming economy. I think Larry Kudlow is more accurate on who should get the credit.   Someone should remind former President Obama that corporate tax cuts can fift all economic boats. 

The Daily Signal  has a pretty sound reason as to why the immigrant caravan has grown to its current size. 

Here’s what Investor’s Business Daily has to say about the growing caravan.