Daily update

George J. Marlin writes in Newsmax about the unhinged dems out to destroy the Electoral College that gave us Lincoln. 

The fact that the movie Gosnell cracked the top 10 at the box office on Friday and Saturday, is great news for the pro-life movement in America and hopefully around the world.    This headline, however, dashes that hope; perhaps everyone on the United Nations Human Rights Council should be encouraged to see the pain, anxiety, depression and death caused by Gosnell’s abortion mill. Kathryn Jean Lopez has a compelling article in National Review that explains that the movie Gosnell is an opportunity to really take a look at not only the laws but also the culture of abortion and possibly change the minds of people like those on the United Nations Human Rights Council.

The NY Post editorial writes about another Cuomo ‘coincidence’ that looks a lot like corruption

The Beat  writes about Mayor de Blasio’s failure to renew. 

Chirlane McCray’s traveling is costing taxpayers thousands.

Nicole Gelinas writes in the NY Post:  Angry about the subways? Send Cuomo a message.   We will go one step further:  Vote for Marc Molinaro on the Conservative Party Line, that really sends the message.    

Really Senator? Do you not remember what you said when you claimed to be of Cherokee descent? 

Rich Lowry writes why Hillary Clinton can never admit the truth about Bill. 

Smothered: Six Democratic Scandals That the Elite News Media Suffocated with A Pillow This Cycle. 

Project Veritas strikes again. 

New California Law Will Require Kids’ Menus to List Water and Milk as Only Drink Options. When did the government in California become the parents?