Daily Update

Marc Molinaro, our candidate for governor, appeared on Fox and Friends this morning with Diane Piagentini, the widow of Police Officer Joseph A. Piagentini, gunned down by Herman Bell  who Governor Andrew Cuomo gave the right to vote to when he was released on parole. Watch the Fox and Friends clip here.  .  Read more in The Chief. 

Today’s NY Post editorial explains what Governor Andrew Cuomo fears most in this year’s political season:  open, equal debates. 

In case you missed this over the weekend:  Email shows Cuomo donor contacted officials during grant process. 

The Bob McManus is spot on in his Saturday Op-Ed piece:  Andrew Cuomo is on the verge of absolute power over New York.  As CPNYS noted on Saturday:  Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Only you can end Governor Cuomo’s megalomania need for absolute power:  Vote for Marc Molinaro on the Conservative Line. 

Another democrat who displays the need for power is Hillary Clinton.  Can you believe that she actually said on national television that her husband did not abuse his power when president with his intern, Monica Lewinsky, because she was an adult at the time.  When will the press and the public realize this woman is unable to tell the truth about anything.  She is so out of touch with reality, that it is almost like watching a person on the verge of self-immolation and you want to rush in and save them.  Think about what she said, then realize this woman almost became president of the United States, she sees nothing wrong with what her husband did.  It doesn’t bother her that he lied under oath and questioned the meaning of is.  Or that there are many able to corroborate the facts told by others who her husband forced himself on.  I guess, since they were adults also, Hillary Clinton believes it is okay.  Twisted beliefs.  Okay for Bill, not okay for anyone else.  On second thought, let her twisted beliefs continue to be aired on national television; people have the right to know just how twisted her beliefs are.

You tube has more on the unhinged crowd.

Fortunately, America elected Donald J. Trump who continues to keep his promises: 289 in 20 months.  

Will Charter Schools survived if the democrats control all the branches of government?  Sen. John Flanagan doesn’t think so. 

E. J. McMahon writes about NYC’s high-income tax habit