Daily Update

Why did the former Attorney General of the United States stoop so low? Democrats say that there is no civility on the right, yet, at every opportunity they can, they denigrate those that dare to think differently.   And he, Holder, wants to be the next president. 

The results of our leaders and former leaders lacking respect for those who think differently  gives the upcoming generations the excuse of reacting the same way.  Look at what is happening on our college campuses  Personally, I want to know why no one emphasizes the Golden Rule any more.

Senator Charles Schumer appears to have found a new career – he whipped out a red pen to correct President Trump’s Op-Ed on Medicare for All plan being promoted by many democrats. 

Tomorrow is the last day you can register to vote in the 2018 elections.  Click here for on-line registration.  This article reminds all that the Board of Elections will never call you for personal information over the phone, nor will the BOE send you a text message for personal information.  Voter registration by phone is not an acceptable way to register to vote. 

James O’Keefe strikes again…his latest video will give Taylor Swift a rude awakening regarding the candidate she is supporting. 

Then there is this:  Hoo Boy: Democrats’ Arizona Senate Nominee Caught on Tape Bashing…Arizona 

“Gosnell” the movie opens tomorrow.  The Daily Signal explains the need to film this movie about the worst abortionist ever.  The Washington Times also explains why this film was necessary.

State AG Candidates Vow to Take on Corruption in Albany At Forum in Westchester. 

The NY Post editorial board writes that Molinaro is smart to ask Teachout to help clean up New York. 

Steve Cuozzo writes in today’s NY Post that rent ‘reform’ is a calamity in the making.