Daily Update

Congratulations to United States Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.   President Trump delivers another Home Run with Supreme Court pick, Brett Kavanaugh. 

Great question:  How low can they go? Senate grows more toxic with each Supreme Court nomination. 

The NY Sun writes about the Democrats’ Constitutional Problem.  The Washington Times reports that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez declared over the weekend that the Electoral College is a racist American relic that must be abolished. Then there is this reporter:  NBC’S KEN DILANIAN ADVOCATES FOR CHANGES TO SENATE AFTER KAVANAUGH CONFIRMATION.  

We must get out the vote (last day to register to vote in November’s election is October 12.  Click here if you need a Board of Election registration form.  Don’t forget an absentee ballot for children who are in college.)  Voting is the only way to stop the radical changes being advocated by those who have no concept of what made America freedom’s beacon in just 242 years.  The Left is angry and motivated, we have to be motivated to protect the American system.   

Senator Susan Collins understands what America is all about.  If you haven’t heard about her floor presentation, you can listen here. 

Monday’s NY Post editorial summed it up this way — The Kavanaugh aftermath: a left that’s gone completely unhinged. 

Despite what the liberal media is telling you, Rasmussen Reports says Justice Brett Kavanaugh won the popular vote also. 

John Lott, Jr. reminds us that the gun control advocates are spending big money to influence midterms. 

File this under “caught with their hands in the cookie job.” 

Governor Andrew Cuomo vows he will expand abortion within 30 days, if the democrats take control of the State Senate. 

Hillary Clinton really lives in her own world – oblivious to everything and only concerned about herself.

Nikki Haley will be sorely missed and kudos to her for proving some secrets can be kept.

Does wind power contribute to a warmer climate?  Some say yes.