Daily Update

The Daily Signal  takes a good look at USMCA, the revised NAFTA. 

Joseph Curl writes in the Washington Times how the Democrats’ case against Kavanaugh is falling apart fast.  And Mr. Curl’s article does not even touch what Paul Sperry exposes in his article that can be found in Real Clear Investigations.    Mr. Sperry’s article, based on facts, how, for example renovation records undercut Dr. Ford’s exit door account, is an eye opener.   Then there is this: Ford’s Ex-Boyfriend Contradicts Her on Polygraph

The really desperate character assassination of Brett Kavanaugh continues, as the Washington Times reveals that Scott Dworkin, a co-founder of the Democrat Coalition, filed two ethics complaints with the federal circuit court where Kavanaugh currently sits. 

When all of this falls short, the Democrats will zero in on Kavanaugh’s ‘lying,’ temperament

This is what we can expect if Sen. Schumer becomes the Majority Leader

Betsy McCaughey also enlightens us to this plan::  Democrats Lay Out Their Roadmap To Impeaching Trump

Guy Benson’s common sense and reasonable analysis  sums up how the democrats in the Senate will react no matter what the FBI investigation finds or doesn’t find. 

Yet another Cuomo crony headed to the hoosegow. With Cuomo’s cronies looking at doing time and Gov. Cuomo doing all he can to be reelected, including using mailers and ads to vilify his opponents, maybe we should start calling him Teflon Andy. 

De Blasio’s ‘transparent’ chutzpah

De Blasio’s ‘chief democracy officer’ didn’t bother to vote in primaries.

Apple CEO: It’s ‘bunk’ tech giants need your data. 

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams.