Daily Update

The NY Daily News,  Newsday  and State of Politics  all covered our statewide radio ad purchase from now until Election Day.  Listen here to learn why this ad is making news.  Send a message to Andrew Cuomo and cast your vote for Marc Molinaro on Row C!

George J. Marlin discussed the ad – and other important items – with Fred Dicker on Talk 1300’s Focus on the State Capitol this morning. 

The Scary Truth about Governor Andrew Cuomo

The Beat writes about New York’s poor job on mental illness

Senator Feinstein Called on Her Deceptions. 

In the Kavanaugh Hearings, Democrats Break Norms to Gain Power. 

Guy Benson on Sen. McConnell and Sen. Schumer’s speeches today on the Senate Floor.   Sen. Schumer is his typical misleading way ignores his own previous statements about confirming Justices and is well worth reading.

Rich Lowry has a very interesting and honest observation about the quasi fictional character Atticus Finch. 

Larry Horist opines on the danger of politically weaponizing impeachment. 

James Pierson, writes on Citizenship and the Census, in the City Journal.  With 17 states, several cities and civil liberty coalitions trying to stop a question about citizenship status on the next census, it is a good perspective on the history involved in asking about citizenship when taking the mandatory census. 

Soros-Backed Progressive Activist Group Takes Credit for Flake Confrontation. 

Will President Trump’s USMCA be the turning point for Sen. Schumer and President Trump’s relationship?  Doubt it, as they say, even a broken clock is right twice a day.