Statewide Radio Buy Launches Today

Brooklyn, NY – On August 15, 2018, New York’s Governor Andrew
Cuomo mocked President Trump’s campaign slogan stating that
America “was never that great.”

The Conservative Party has 3 words for Governor Cuomo: Bring it on!

Chairman Michael R. Long announced today that the Conservative Party launched a statewide radio buy, running from today to Election Day, urging those who stood with the Conservative Party and voted for President Donald J. Trump should stand with us again and vote for Marc Molinaro for Governor.

“Vote with Trump”
:60 radio

ANNCR: Donald Trump launched a revolution from right here in New York . . .

TRUMP: “I am officially running for President of the United States and we are going to make our country great again!”

And the New York State Conservative Party was right there with him.

If you stood with Trump against Hillary Clinton then, if you stand with Trump against the swamp now, this November vote that way: Cast your vote on the Conservative Party line, Row C.

Andrew Cuomo wants to make this election all about Trump. The
Conservative Party says bring it on.

The Conservative Party backs Trump. Unapologetically. And when
you vote Marc Molinaro for Governor on the Conservative Party line, you do more than vote. You make a statement.

This election, vote Molinaro for Governor on the Conservative Party
line, Row C. Send a message that you stand with President Trump
because there’s more to do to make America great again.

TRUMP: “We gotta get it done!”

ANNCR: Paid for the State Conservative Campaign Committee.