Daily Update

The New York Sun editorial opines on Kavanaugh and the ‘Benefit of the Doubt’.    It is good to be reminded of former Senator Joe Biden’s words and when the Democrats once believed in fairness.

Cheryl K. Chumley, writing in the Washington Times, follows the money in the anti-Kavanaugh, anti-Trump money trails.

Calls for New FBI Probe of Kavanaugh Have No Precedent.

Insulting Spin:  No, Republicans Aren’t ‘Bullying’ or ‘Silencing’ Kavanaugh’s Accuser By Inviting Her to Testify. 

Some Are More Equal Than Others in Socialist Venezuela.   

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, the ultra- progressive, essentially wants to let the federal government control every business decision.  This is what National Review thinks of her Accountable Capitalism Act: Socialist and Unconstitutional.

Betsy McCaughey writes about the Democrats’ Big Lie About Pre-Existing Conditions

Investor’s Business Daily editorializes on Yes, The Deep State Is Real — And Working To Undermine Our Nation.

Another major mistake:  De Blasio kills admissions standards in bid to diversify Brooklyn school district

The Heartland Institute makes the case that U.S. Education doesn’t need more money.

It IS about the economy