Daily Update

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg  speaks volumes when she calls the Kavanaugh confirmation process a “highly partisan show.”  Rich Lowry also makes some very good points in his column – Kavanaugh meets Kafka in kangaroo court.   Investor’s Business Daily is so right when it writes that the last-minute attack on Kavanaugh is meant as warning to all conservatives.  

The NY Post editorial board opines on a historic race for Attorney General in New York. 

For your friends who are still supporting  higher minimum wages:  Minimum-Wage Hikes: Economic Poison For Venezuela.

Feds won’t ‘stand idly by’ while city tests heroin safe zones

Project Veritas is back, this time State Department bureaucrats are in their crosshairs. 

Karin McQuillan writes Why Black Voters Are Turning to Trump.

10K New York City Employees Stop Paying Big Labor Fees After Janus Ruling.

The New York Times did WHAT