Daily Update

Happy Constitution Day!   Don Willett,  a judge on the Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, has an excellent article in the Wall Street Journal – Happy Constitution Day, if you can keep it! Our Constitution created a republic that gives We the People the ability to govern ourselves…if we can keep it. 

Last Thursday’s New York primary makes one wonder if we can.

This article in Saturday’s NY Post should make people think twice about whether we can we keep We the People informed enough to keep our Constitution, with its three separate but equal branches, as the Republic the Founding Fathers envisioned.   

Another reason to be concerned that We the People may self-implode is the fact that even when corruption was apparent, newly elected officials seem to continue down the same trail.  

Bryan Fischer reminds former President Obama that our Constitution creates a republic, not a democracy.  

The Daily Signal opines on why we couldn’t create our Constitution today.   Sadly, with today’s entrenched political views, they are may be right, but an informed citizenry will be strong enough to maintain our republic.

Michael Goodwin’s explains that Cuomo is blatantly setting himself up for 2020.

Hope is on the way…you can take charge on November 6, when you cast your vote for Marc Molinaro.  

The Beat opines on Money for Nothing.  

The NY Sun writes – Beyond Inappropriate – regarding John Kerry’s meetings with his Iranian counterpart.  Michael Rubin writes that they are an invitation to disaster

First, we were “deplorables” now we are Dregs of society

According to Kate Pavich, this is how Chuck Grassley will proceed with Kavanaugh’s accuser

Robert J. Knight opines on a struggle for supremacy. 

Charles Hurt:  D.C. swamp still reeling from Hurricane Donald