Daily Update

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s week isn’t getting any better.  The New York Post continues to inform the residents of New York State of what lengths Gov. Cuomo will go to in order to retain the title Governor, despite the machinations to keep his fingerprints off the evidence.  

It is disturbing that Governor Andrew Cuomo is so driven to match Mario’s record as Governor and the devious ways he tries to make it happen.   Upstate New York is feeling the effects of our best and brightest leaving New York as soon as humanly possible due to the dire economic conditions.  It didn’t have to be this way, if Governor Andrew Cuomo were truly concerned about his constituents.  As the NY Post editorial points out, Fracking helped make the US the world’s oil king.  New York State could have benefited, but, Governor Andrew Cuomo preferred to cater to the few, extremely loud, progressive naysayers opposed to fracking, and ignored the plight of New York’s own citizens.   

It is time to end Governor Andrew Cuomo’s government career that has cost New Yorkers untold so very much, in dollars and heartache.

City Council Speaker Corey Johnson, a Democrat, obviously missed biology classes (or failed them miserably.)  This is legislation that he and the democratically controlled City Council is proud of:   “New Yorkers will no longer need a doctor’s note to change their gender on their birth certificates, and will no longer be treated as if their identity was a medical issue.”  More emphasis should be on this at home and in biology classes:  Boys, girls are different – and that’s just the truth.

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