Daily Update

Did you see the latest independent poll numbers released in the Governor’s race?  Cuomo 46/Molinaro 43!

Headline grabbing, egotistical, unable to tolerate those who have different opinions, I dare you to oust me from the US Senate, Sen. Cory Booker, released confidential Kavanaugh emails at today’s Judiciary Committee meeting.

Unbelievable!  Talk about headline grabbing…the confidential emails Sen. Cory Booker “released” for dramatic effect at today’s hearings were already cleared to be released.   Sen. Booker, and other democrats, appear to be slightly unhinged regarding Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation.  Imagine how the main stream media would react to their shenanigans if they were republican senators objecting to a democratic nominee. 

Dems Revive the Paranoid Style in American Politics Against Kavanaugh.

Democrats’ mental breakdown over Kavanaugh.

Nebraska Senator, Ben Sasse, provides a civic lesson on the importance – and the right way to conduct —  Supreme Court Judicial Hearings.

The other hearing held in Washington, DC yesterday.

Facebook is losing its popularity

Democrats’ Agenda Of Impeachment And Socialism Means Decline For America

Civil war looms for Democrats after left-wing upsets: ‘This is just the beginning’.  No wonder Gov. Cuomo has spent $8 million in three weeks.  

Cuomo gets $25,000 from business his camp once blasted for ‘pay-to-play’.

The Beat with more on the NYCHA scandals

City Council weighs bill that would freeze ICE out of city business

Bill Hammond on the “Age Tax” misfire.