Daily Update

Governor Cuomo really enjoys “pointing the finger” at anyone who can turn a political predicament away from him.  Obviously, the NY Times has no interest in exploring the morass created by Crystal Run’s donations to the Governor and endorsed him yesterday; anyone surprised by the Times endorsement?  The NY Post, on the other hand, paints an accurate picture of Governor Cuomo.

Cuomo forgets pledge to bar donations from businesses engaged in RFPs.

Carranza: Parents worried about desegregation should watch their language.  After reading this, I have to ask myself, what world does the Chancellor of the NYC school system, Richard Carranza, live in? 

Mr. Carranza should read this:  The reason why public school enrollment is crashing and the full report by Empire Center.   

Betsy McCaughey has another disturbing article on infections in hospitals. 

Marc Molinaro calls for upstate debate and is critical of Governor Cuomo on Capitol Tonight.

Getting to know AG candidate, Keith Wofford.  

Schumer tells raucous crowd ‘the sooner the better’ on Trump impeachment, later claims he misheard the question.  This video doesn’t support his claim that he misheard the question. 

BREAKING: Chuck Schumer Strikes Again, Just Tried to End the Kavanaugh Hearing Early.  (He failed!!)

Kaepernick Deal: Nike May Discover To Be Woke Is No Joke.  

File this under will do anything for a new cash flow:  NFL will allow teams to accept advertising from casinos

These are London’s stats, however, how long before they become America’s also?

Rich Lowry opines about Neil Armstrong, America and the folly of ‘First Man’

David C. Stolinsky reminds us of the many times Hollywood has omitted key facts in movies.  It is an article well worth distributing to your email list or post on Facebook etc., especially to those who have not lived through the historic times Mr. Stolinsky includes that Hollywood purposefully left out. 

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams.