Weekly Wrap-Up

A highlight, if you will, of this week’s news cycle was the debate between Democrats Andrew Cuomo and Cynthia Nixon that was described as everything from “heated” (to exactly 76 degrees) to “a swordfight between two vacuous giants.”

The New York Post feels that Cuomo “completely flopped” in the debate, and even Bill de Blasio wasn’t impressed. I want to hear what you think – who would you say won the Cuomo/Nixon showdown? That’s the first question in our new Weekly Poll.

It’s a race to the bottom for the Democrats – obviously your Conservative Party is not taking a side in this ridiculous showdown. But if a liberal friend asked you, what would you say is the TOP reason for New York Democrats to choose Cynthia Nixon over Andrew Cuomo? That’s the second question in our new Weekly Poll.

One of my favorite parts of the debate was this exchange: 

Cuomo: “Can you stop interrupting?”
Nixon: “Can you stop lying?”
Cuomo: “As soon as you do.”

That’s what the kids call a “self own” – can you imagine if a similar exchange had taken place between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump during one of their presidential debates? The media would have pounced on such an embarrassing gaffe from Trump, but Cuomo’s tacit admission of lying is virtually ignored by the “mainstream” media. 

It’s been a week of double standards.  “If a pro-life gazillionaire were giving funds to state attorneys general to go after Planned Parenthood, the left would quite rightly go bonkers,” the New York Post smartly points out. But gazillionaires like Michael Bloomberg who push politically correct “green” policies are welcomed by the liberals and their media allies.

And local Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez attacks Uber as complicit in the deaths of cab drivers – while her campaign often chooses the popular service over cabs. 

And so it goes. The Labor Day weekend is here, and the Trump economy is being very good to working-class Americans. 

Household income is increasing, blue-collar workers are more optimistic, unemployment rates have fallen, and Trump is keeping his promise to rework trade deals to America’s benefit. 

Overall, what do you think is the BEST thing that President Trump has done for U.S. workers? That’s the third and final question in our new Weekly Poll.

Finally, this week America lost a hero in John McCain. Prayers are going out to his entire family. 

Here’s wishing you a pleasant Labor Day weekend!