Daily Update

Today’s NY Post editorial should put smiles on the faces of those who have to use the subway system as their primary mode of transportation.  Marc Molinaro offers serious solutions for the subways.  The editorial begins with “Finally: a New York politician actually willing to take on Big Labor to slice costs and save the subway.”  Governor Cuomo is beholden to Big Labor; he cares more about granting their demands than trying to help everyday people who need to get to work and home again.  You can download and read his plan here, and help him make it happen by getting involved in his campaign here. Stand up for yourselves; help elect a governor that takes pride in America, not one that says “America was never that great.”   Or one who says pro-life, pro-gun conservatives have no place in New York.   New York State will be great again when we FIRE Governor Andrew Cuomo by voting for Marc Molinaro on the Conservative Party line. 

Governor Cuomo sank to a new low when he attacked Marc Molinaro’s wife, who happens to be six month pregnant.  It really appears, at times, that Governor Cuomo has little respect for women.  Even the political party he created – the Woman’s Equality Party (essentially to expand abortion rights in NYS despite the fact that NYS has the most liberal abortion rights in the nation).  He panders to women, speaks down to them and then uses women as props when he says America was never that great

Does Governor Cuomo see the hypocrisy in his using state agencies to tout his administration and attacking Marc Molinaro for doing business with a qualified company that happened to employ his wife for her expertise.

More hypocrisy from Governor Cuomo:  New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has halted an investigation into the handling of the Weinstein case just as Boies’ law firm gave Cuomo’s campaign $25,000, according to state records reviewed by Capital & Main and Sludge.  

New York attorney general candidates hit Andrew Cuomo on corruption.   

If you are planning on a Labor Day weekend getaway by car, E. J. McMahon reminds us how much we pay in gas taxes in NYS and why they will continue to be among the highest in the nation.

Kavanaugh Rules by the Law, Even in Tough Cases

File this under:  Beginning to level the playing field

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