Daily Update

It is so reassuring to know that our Governor is concerned about the hot weather.  What would we do if he was not available to tell us the dangers of August weather?  With all of the truly serious problems facing New Yorkers (infrastructure, an upstate economy that continues to decline, our citizens leaving in droves, a budget that allows him to give millions of our tax dollars to his favorite buddies while facing severe budget shortfalls — to name just a few) I am at peace knowing my Governor is focusing on rather typical August weather. 

The weather is not all Governor Cuomo is concerned about.  He did send out – just before his primary with Cynthia Nixon (who’s tax hypocrisy is so typical of the left)  a DEC mailer touting his leadership in expanding artificial reefs off the coast of Long Island.  Do you think he will remind New Yorkers of his wind turbine plan upstaters will have to pay for that fishermen may be able to thwart, before the general election?

Dennis Prager opines that Andrew Cuomo’s contempt for America Is Normal on the Left.

Where did the democrats find these candidates?  How pathetic is it that in a state with a population of roughly 19 million and almost 80% over the age of 18 (15.2 million) these are the candidates —  19th Congressional District and Senate District 18 —  for elective office.  Granted you have to be 25 to run for Congress, so the pool is slightly smaller, but how low does the bar have to go before people realize our Republic is a representative government…is this how democrats see themselves?

Spectrum News interviews Jonathan Trichter, the C/R candidate for State Comptroller.

About those separated families, Sen. Warren

In the Hot Seat: Jim Jordan Previews Bruce Ohr’s House Testimony About Fusion GPS, Steele Dossier.  

The Latest Ploy Liberals Are Using to Try to Block Kavanaugh

Shocking!  Lanny Davis lied.  What is shocking is he admits to lying!   This from the Daily Caller is categorically something to be very concerned about:  SOURCES: CHINA HACKED HILLARY CLINTON’S PRIVATE EMAIL SERVER

Thank you, Jim Brown.  You truly understand America’s greatness.