Daily Update

Governor Andrew Cuomo continues to use his disagreements with President Donald J. Trump to run down the greatness of America.   How wrong, how ugly, how divisive, how misleading and how disgusting are Governor Cuomo’s words now?  Governor Cuomo is doing all he can to divide Americans and New Yorkers at this time.   Listen to his remarks here and ask yourself … is he running for Governor or using his using his bully pulpit to run for president.   Remember, this is the same man who said there is no place for pro-life, pro-gun conservatives in New York…. but he preaches in this video how we will not be the greatest until everyone is equal.  Gov. Cuomo is proud that he is suing this president for “ripping babies from the arms of mothers in the name of American justice,” yet, this very same man, Governor Andrew Cuomo, has no problem in ripping babies from their mother’s womb in the name of women’s choice.  What a contemptable double standard!

In the above video of Gov. Cuomo’s remarks, Gov. Cuomo states that no one is above the law.  Well, Jibran Khan writes in National Review how Governor Cuomo Gets to Be Above Unfair Laws, but Ordinary Americans Don’t.

Andrew Cuomo’s Mafia Tactics.  

By the way, ACLU Defends NRA against Andrew Cuomo’s Bankruptcy Campaign.  

The Orange County Register opines on the damage to the nation that Mueller could do. 

Deroy Murdock writes:  On Race & the Right, the Washington Post Gets It Wrong.

‘Speaker Heastie PAC’ Brings in Big Money from Special Interests, Starts Giving to Candidates.

Do you know what America’s next entitlement will be?   

FEDERAL SHARE OF HEALTH CARE SPENDING NEARS 50 PERCENT.  (And so many still say it isn’t enough.)

NAFTA is Out, a New Trade Deal With Mexico is Officially Here

Liam Warner reintroduces us to a conservative icon in his article, The Lion in Winter