Daily Update

You have to admit that the man has chutzpa and is blind to his own shortcomings, as the Glens Falls Post Star (not know for their conservative editorials)  notes in its final paragraph of their editorial:  Now Cuomo claims the investigation into this stew of criminality shows that he himself is clean. We suspect the opposite is true.  (emphasis added by cpnys.)

I doubt Governor Cuomo will flaunt this fact.   Perhaps, he just does not understand that economic freedom improves lives

Ken Girardin writes in the NY Torch that NYS Comptroller DiNapoli blocks the union exit after the US Supreme Court decision in Janus v. AFSCME.

E. J. McMahon reminds us that Governor Andrew Cuomo’s  labor stats are misleading. 

New York’s health care cost rank 2nd in the nation, yet, only 17th best health care in the country based on cost, accessibility and medical outcomes. 

Amazon Bans Gun Book.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren has her priorities all wrong; her concern for non-citizens outweighs her concern for Americans!

Lawyer for the Illegal Alien Accused of Killing Mollie Tibbetts Lied in Court.

Larry Elder opines on Trump Haters and Their Double Standards. 

Ex-officials actually use security clearances to get rich.

Angelo Codevilla opines in American Greatness on Clarity About Clearances.   

David Keene shares his insight on politics and security clearances.