Daily Update

The New York Sun, sums up yesterday’s federal criminal court decisions for both Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen, in this one sentence:  “No crime of which either man was pronounced guilty today is as foul as the campaign underway to foil the decision of the American people.” 

If you seek to gain a comprehensive understanding of the Russia Collusion scandal, read this article written June 26, 2018.  It is an illuminating account of the Russian Collusion scandal. 

Former head of the FEC blows up media narrative that Trump broke the law, by referring to the actual law

The Media Keep Falling Into the Trump Trap.  (WSJ, subscription required.)

Megyn Kelly’s audience bursts out laughing when Lanny Davis begs for donations to ‘Michael Cohen Truth Fund’.   (Lanny Davis is obviously worried about not getting paid by his client.)

Rich Lowry explains how John Brennan loses to Trump in one easy step

Betsy McCaughey  explains why blaming “Big Pharma” won’t fix the opioid crisis. 

Gruesome Murder Case Reopens Debate on Fetal Homicide Laws.  New York is one of the 12 states without Fetal homicide laws. 

Socialism’s Here Today, In Venezuela And South Africa — Is U.S. Next?  How much does a chicken costs in Venezuela?    The visual should make every socialist leaning democrat think long and hard about what they want to achieve here in the greatest country in the world. 

Corporate Gun Control Might Be the Worst Threat to Gun Rights

Michael Goodwin thinks Cynthia Nixon might have one trick left up her sleeve. 

 Kathy Barnette says:  Gov. Cuomo, America has always been great — and my ancestors were slaves. 

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