Daily Update

Governor Andrew Cuomo did not have a good week last week, and he has no one but himself to blame.   While talking to the press on the phone, he continued to insult Americans and especially New Yorkers when he insisted that while what he said was “inartful” , he is running for Governor and “As governor of New York, I believe it’s my role to point out and fight this president and fight his agenda.”   Really, Governor Cuomo, I always thought we elected a Governor to run New York State … keep our state on Excelsior’s path, not punish hard working New Yorkers with higher taxes.  It is time for us to elect a Governor that understands the difference and one that does not use magniloquence to deceive voters.  Of course, he would rather use pompous rhetoric because his record lacks the economic growth and positive message President Donald J. Trump has been able to deliver. 

Read this if you want to know how Governor Andrew Cuomo’s administration treated a lobbyist Andrew’s administration called a “a felon, liar and discredited manipulator.”  (Like a visiting head of state would be an understatement.) Kudos to the NY Times for pursuing the emails. 

This is what Governor Cuomo tries to do when you state the obvious in a political advertisement. 

You have a definitive choice for Governor this year:  Marc Molinaro understands all New Yorkers, the responsibilities of being Governor and how great America is. 

Unfortunately, Robert J. Knight points out our current governor, Andrew Cuomo, is not the only person who is chasing alternative reality.

Oh my, must be something in the DNA

Michael Goodwin’s column, The media’s hatred of Trump is only hurting itself, is one that media should, at the very least read and at best absorb. 

New York’s 19th Congressional District Resists ‘Blue Wave’.

Pennsylvania’s 1st CD has a rather unique candidate running on the democratic line. 

Jack Phillips, won in the US Supreme Court 7-2 (not even 5-4) yet Colorado is after him againTammy Bruce writes about this injustice in the Washington Times.   Masterpiece Cakeshop II: If You Can’t Say No, Your Yes Means Nothing

Guy Benson opined on the Brennan security clearance matter.

Onondaga County officials are out of touch with reality

The Manhattan Institute writes that Cuts in Social Security and Medicare Are Inevitable. Delaying Reform Will Make It Worse.

Data duel: Are gun-free zones really safer?

Editorial Collusion by Dozens of Newspapers Proves Trump’s Point: The Media Are Biased.