Daily Update

The NY Post editorial board writes that the City Council’s assault on Uber isn’t really about congestion

File this under “Fleeced Twice.”  New York taxpayers will be paying again for the upstate jail escape

Seth Lipsky lets us know Andrew Cuomo is now at war with the Bill of Rights

Facebook’s monthly page visits decline is real according to market research firm SimilarWeb. 

College snowflakes are winning…leftist professors are too apathetic to prepare students for the real world, or even worse, letting snowflakes believe their world is real. 

Heather MacDonald on Sarah Jeong – a boring, typical product of the American academy.


An Atlanta charter school (K-5) has just replaced the Pledge of Allegiance with the Wolf Pack Chant.  (Yes, you read that correctly!)

When did people who break our laws become the protected class and when did mob rule become okay?   From what Nancy Pelosi says in this article, I must believe that democrats are encouraging the mob rule and glorifying those who break our laws while most Americans are working hard to achieve all that America has to offer. 

Dems will continue to make fools of themselves as long as they continue to have Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez center stage.  She is a perfect example of a snowflake that colleges professors allowed to flourish on their campuses. 

The Washington Examiner warned us in April that campus ‘snowflakes’ are piling up in the workplace. 

Strict gun control laws were unable to stop six mass shootings in one weekend.

Jason L. Riley opines on Is Liberal Racism a Horse of a Different Color?