Daily Update

The old Gray Lady celebrated her 100th birthday in 1951 and she was truly the newspaper of record then.  Alas, she is no longer.  Why is it that when a leftist is exposed as a radical leftist, they come up with a defense as they were only being satirical, but a right-winger is pounced on and fired.  As the Weekly Standard notes, “The search for a decent writer exposes the editorial board’s unprincipled prejudice.”   The Federalist writes this:  the New York Times has embraced the bigotry of identity politics.   

The Progressive Left think they have every right to cross the line of human decency

The more liberal philosophy is embraced by social progressives, cities like Chicago – where crime is in control, San Francisco – where drug use is out of control and Seattle – where homelessness is out of control, will become the norm in America.   The policies of Mayor DeBlasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo are certainly beginning to show the signs of the previously mentioned cities.  The working class must wake up and take back their cities and states and the only true way to do so is at the ballot box in November.

What de Blasio didn’t want you to know: high school admissions tests work.

Cuomo’s shameful scholarship gag order

Leave it to Governor Cuomo to find a backdoor to attempt another round of gun control.  N.Y. targets NRA program in backdoor gun control scheme.   Cuomo goes on TV with Joe Scarborough and tells him, NRA are the “bad guys” and the Daily Signal explains that in targeting NRA, Andrew Cuomo focuses on political nemesis, not public safety.    

Trump’s Health Secretary Is Implementing Bold, Reaganesque Reforms

Wait…There Was a Chinese Spy In Sen. Feinstein’s Office…That Operated For 20 Years?!

Dennis Prager writes that Pope Francis Rewrites Catholicism … and the Bible