Daily Update

The Empire Center examines Albany’s OPEB iceberg as it gets bigger.  “The liability for other post-employment benefits, or OPEB, reflects the net present value of continuing state health insurance coverage available to all employees who retire directly from a state government payroll after at least 10 years of service.”  The growing deficit affects all New York State taxpayers and must be rectified.

Working single-payer health care in New York is a pipe dream.  

I’m an immigrant — and Trump is right on immigration

Our AG, Keith Wofford,  candidate threatens lawsuit over ‘racist’ bill to limit ride-sharing licenses.

Talk about chutzpa!

Big Labor Spends Big Money to Overturn Right to Work.

Fact Check: Trump Says 3.5 Million People Have Been Lifted off Food Stamps.

Who Is Fact Checking The Fact Checkers?

Larry Horist opines on Intel chiefs, the Russian hoax and the unhinged press and is Trump really a threat to the Republic?

Charles Hurts writes: As The Press Turns: Democracy dies in dimwittedness.

Teen With Terminal Cancer Forgives Cyberbullies as He Fights ‘Culture of Death.’