Daily Update

Really, Mr. Mayor?  Of the 8 million plus people living in NYC, the person you tapped to lead your “Fairness PAC” was convicted of election fraud.  This speaks volumes, Mr. Mayor. 

Former Governor Pataki was critical of Mario Cuomo when he did similar promotions, then Gov. Andrew Cuomo was critical of Governor Pataki when he continued the tradition and today we learn that Governor Andrew Cuomo can’t possibly be critical any longer, as he gets a plug on the latest state mailer to promote registering to vote.   (Think of all the parolees getting this mailer and who can’t wait to vote for their benefactor.)

Should we even get into the strange spectacle of the PSC versus Charter Spectrum?

After hijacking a Colorado report – authored by pro-pot proponents – Cuomo’s DOH recommends recreational marijuana for New York.  Cuomo is now taking the first steps to make marijuana legal

While we are talking about the duplicity of Governor Cuomo, we agree with today’s NY Post editorial that points out Andrew Cuomo would rather fight the press than answer to corruption.  He has come a long way (the wrong way)  since he promised to clean up Albany’s dysfunctional political culture in 2010.  Maybe, back in 2010, he thought dysfunctional only meant not getting a budget done on time or that a budget should include items that do not belong in the budget.  This much is obvious, the man campaigning for Governor in 2018 has radically changed from the man who campaigned in 2010. Back in 2010, Andrew Cuomo said, “When I was growing up, state government was a source of inspiration,” this state government has been a source of degradation.”  Eight years with Governor Andrew Cuomo at the helm and the state government is on the verge of losing yet another congressional district due to the loss of population. 

It is time to TACK BACK New York and Believe Again

The Wall Street Journal has an red flag warning on pensions, especially government pensions across the United States.

The NY Times set to stoke the flames of racism

The Daily Signal informs us how school security should be improved in 4 easy steps. 

Imagine if you bought stock Apple stock in Apple, Inc.’s initial public offering (IPO) on December 12, 1980 at $22.00 per share. Since that time Apple’s stock has split two for 1 on three separate occasions: 1987, 2000, and 2005.  Today it became the first trillion-dollar public company.  (I’ve invested – not in stock, rather buying Apple products — and helped Apple achieve this historical moment!)

David French opines on why Christians can’t compromise on conscience. 

4 Things Anti-Gunners Fail To Understand About ‘Ghost Guns’.