Daily Update

The NY Post editorial hits us with another unacceptable headline today:  Even more evidence of Cuomo pay-to-play corruption.  The editorial ends with “But when multiple major Cuomo officials and donors are headed to prison for corruption, the governor is anything but an innocent bystander.” 

It is time to Take Back New York!  Elect Marc Molinaro in November

Maybe then we won’t have the highest 911 surcharge in the country and NY’s Court system spending the highest per capita in the nation.

De Blasio: Miscommunication over lead paint exposure ‘has been addressed’.    Time will tell, Mr. Mayor. 

Investor’s Business Daily tells us that income tax revenues are up 9% this year — good news for the deficit, however, spending is also up.  Revenues are up by $31B, but spending is up by $115B. Spending is and has always been the problem.  Some in Congress really do “get it.”

Knowing this, the latest democratic trend is to spend even more — ‘Medicare For All’ Would Cost $32.6 Trillion Over Ten Years. 

Rich Lowry notes in his NY Post column, Like it or not, America is now seriously debating socialism, “Vermont, the home of Sen. Sanders, abandoned a single-payer proposal after the Democratic governor concluded that it wasn’t fiscally sustainable. Despite its Democratic super-majorities, California gave up on a single-payer proposal last year for the same reason — the projected cost was twice as much as the state budget.”

Guy Benson outlines some of the tax hikes that would be necessary to pay for the Medicare for all. 

Larry Horist notes in his column that the bright shining star of the Democratic Party, Alexandra Ocasia-Cortez, (who has made this debate plausible) is (thankfully) not ready for prime time and may just be the best gift democrats have for our right of center nation.