Daily Update

Cuomo says ‘ask MTA’ about blue lane dividers he ordered.  It is apparent, if the Governor does not like the question posed by reporters, he does not answer it directly. Here is a piece of advice Governor, people will respect you more if you own up to your vanity lapses.

Of course, knowing of your vanity lapses, and the burdensome, unnecessary costs involved, people who are going to be asked to pay  a scheduled 4% increase, will continue to find other ways of navigating the city. 

Governor Cuomo is sending more of our hard earned tax dollars ($2 M)   to Puerto Rico, despite the fact that Puerto Rico was negligent in taking care of their own commonwealth’s needs prior to hurricane Maria.   

Bill de Blasio just admitted he’s Mayor Know-Nothing

Is this why Mayor de Blasio is so detached from his responsibilities?

Betsy McCaughey opines on how the Democratic Party no longer believes in hard work. 

Cal Thomas explains the same concept this way:  The Seduction of Socialism.

Trump’s Art Of The (Trade) Deal: U.S.-EU Trade War Averted — For Now.  

This definitely gets filed under “Chutzpah.”

The Daily Signal says it is time for Tax Reform 2.0, here’s why it’s so important.

PJ Media exposes what James Clapper said last week: ‘Obama Is Responsible’ for Starting Trump/Russia Investigations. 

Wayne Allen Root opines on ‘Russian Collusion’ by Saul Alinsky.

Euthanasia not just slippery slope but ripe for abuse

I’ve been told there is no place for me in New York State, that I am deplorable, and now I am “complicit in evil.”  Fortunately, all the name calling, just makes me stronger.  But, I have to admit, I wonder why are all these people who call conservatives names are the same people who decry bullying?