Daily Update

Our prayers are with Guy V. Molinari’s family and the citizens of Staten Island – the people Guy V. Molinari championed throughout his storied career as an Assemblyman, Congressman and Borough President.   Rest in Peace, Guy.  Job well done.

Yesterday we wrote about Gov. Cuomo’s need for the MTA to have New York’s colors in their newly refurbished tunnels, today we learn that Governor Cuomo also needed to have the tunnel’s pylons in  New York’s colors, despite the fact it may violate federal standards.  Earlier this year we learned about  the “I love NY” highway signs that cost $8.1 million, (that must be removed to avoid a $14M fine) now we learn of the “Tunnel Colors.”  A few minutes of research, on either proposal, would have saved the taxpayers of New York millions – or at the very least would have had millions for much needed repairs to the subways, bridges, and roadways.

Alas, Governor Cuomo, refuses to learn that government should not be in the business of picking winners in a free enterprise market.  Cuomo seems ready to double down on another white elephant

More giveaways…this time to a craft beer brewery.  If it is that good, why does it need tax credits?

You may not call it socialism, Mr. Speaker, but those of us whose money you are taking to pay for the programs you like so well, know it is socialism.  Take a look at Venezuela and let us know how it is working out there. 

‘A Threat to Our Freedom’: Jeff Sessions Warns of Hostile Environment on College Campuses.

Democrats Keep Moving Goal Posts on Brett Kavanaugh’s Nomination.  Please contact Senators Schumer and Gillibrand and tell them:  Stop this nonsense, confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh, now

Liz Peek: Why Chuck Schumer’s about to have a very bad week (hint: It’s the Trump economy, stupid)

Have you seen this stunning decision from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals?  Gun control supporters just lost a major case in the US Court of Appeals, 9th Circuit – just the most liberal court in the United States. 

Tammy Bruce opines on the Clintons and their pal Harvey Weinstein: America averted a disaster. 

File this under “Feeding the Anger.”

Liberals always call for tolerance, but are they tolerant?

Spin Cycle To Maximum: Fact-Checker Says Trump Dossier Was Not A Clinton-Funded Operation.

Great News:  Evangelical pastor being released from Turkish prison.

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams.