Daily Update

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s spending spree is spelled out in Seth Barron’s Saturday column in the New York Post.  Send his column to everyone you know so they are completely aware of the wasteful spending by Governor Cuomo.  You can add this one also, Cuomo had the MTA waste $30M on tunnel vanity project.  Governor Cuomo spends your money to feed his ego – not what is necessary to make our subways safer, our bridges and streets safer to drive on or teachers having the necessary equipment to give our children a solid background to succeed in the real world.    

Inside Cuomo’s plan to have your face scanned at NYC toll plazas.   Yes, you read that right.  As you drive your car through certain – eventually all – of New York’s toll plaza’s, “the city is scanning drivers’ visages and feeding them into databases to catch suspected criminals, Gov. Andrew Cuomo revealed Friday.”   Big Brother is firmly in charge in New York State; the question is will we really be safer – will criminals be caught, terrorists on watch lists be tracked prior to harming citizens, or is government just collecting data on ordinary citizens? 

Governor, how many more hardened criminals are you going to let outEven a serial child-killer will soon go free, thanks to Cuomo’s parole board.

Blue states’ SALT lawsuit is as baseless as all their others

We can Take Back New York in November:  Stefanik endorses Molinaro in gubernatorial race.

Will anyone be held accountable for this?  Report: NYCHA forged tenant signatures to close repair orders.

Will Uber be forced to raise their prices?  New York State issues Uber a huge blow in labor dispute

NBC/WSJ Poll: After Widely-Criticized Russia Week, Trump’s Job Approval…Improves

What is she thinking?  Sen. Gillibrand Says the ‘First Thing’ Democrats Should Do If They Take Back Congress Is Abolish ICE. Abolishing ICE is more important than the safety of our citizens? 

FBI used anti-Trump media to obtain spy warrants on campaign.

Robert Knight opines on the predictability of Barack Obama.    

Charles Hurt on the Cohen tapes. 

Larry Horist asks the question:  Can Democrats survive socialism?