Daily Update

Dem Governor Facing Tough Re-Election Accused of Padding Local Donation Numbers to Appear Grassroots.  Governor Cuomo, do you really think you need to pretend you have grassroots support.  Hmmm, you pretend so much on so many items, I guess this just came naturally to you.  Your real supporters skirt the limits. 

When his close colleagues break the law, he pretends he, like Hogan Hero’s Sargent Schultz, knows nothing.  

Four Blue States Protest Tax Reform with a Frivolous Lawsuit.  Of course, Governor Cuomo is part of this frivolous lawsuit…pretending that he can win it.  One would think that as a lawyer himself, he would not want to waste the Court’s time with frivolous lawsuits.  Here is Guy Benson’s take on the lawsuit.

While issuing advice to state employees, Governor Cuomo, pretending again, that he understands the Janus vs AFSCME Supreme Court decision, gives state employees bad advice.  If his law degree was dependent on an essay regarding the Janus decision, he would not pass the Bar exam. 

Governor Cuomo is so consumed with winning a third term – and a probable presidential run – that he is throwing caution to the wind and doing and saying anything and everything that he thinks will propel him into his third term. 

New Yorkers deserve better; take back New York by helping Marc Molinaro get elected.  Click here to find out what you can do to make Marc Molinaro governor. 

States experiment with sending distracted drivers to jail, education isn’t working, and while this may be extreme, something really has to be done to stop the carnage caused by distracted drivers.

Conservative Lawmakers Say Trump’s Actions, Not Words, Key in Dealings With Putin.

Nikki Haley: A Profile in Courage.

Be forewarned, this article, from One News Now, is an eye-opener.    

White House Rejects Putin’s Request to Interrogate Americans

San Francisco continues to spend big in fight against homelessness — but is it working?