Daily Update

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s dark side was very apparent in this article over the weekend, can you imagine being treated as an unknown after being praised as New York’s secret weapon.  The NY Post editorial says “Add another case to Andrew Cuomo’s cloud of corruption” in one of its lead editorials, followed up with “Andrew Cuomo’s ‘Squirrel!’ strategy for dodging the corruption news.”

E. J. McMahon writes that Cuomo’s Buffalo Billion was beyond corrupt

Then there is this article in today’s NY Post:  Cuomo’s $10B economy ‘boost’ results in broken promises.

And then there is this:  State resources went to Cuomo campaign effort, records show, published in the Albany Times Union, certainly not known as a right-leaning newspaper.  How much longer can Governor Andrew Cuomo continue before there is an indictment of him?

Isn’t eight years enough?

Marc Molinaro has a plan, the 2019 Albany Accountability Act’ that the NY Post calls “Molinaro’s long-needed reforms to clean up Albany”.  Fortunately, for all New Yorkers, the NY Post exposes the news – unlike some many newspapers nowadays that have a political agenda and only print what they want you to see.  Read Marc’s plan; email his ideas to your family and friends, volunteer to help any way you can. 

This is our state; the wasted money was our money.  It will continue, but, only if you let it

Last year, residents in New York City had a chance to elect a new mayor, but, the majority did not even bother to vote.  The problems continue in the NYC Subway System and Mayor de Blasio is oblivious to the problems of the residents of the NYC Housing Authority.  The residents of NYC had an opportunity to make the changes necessary, yet they chose not to and today they face a monstrous disaster that may very well be beyond fixing

Do not let this happen to the rest of the state; New York deserves better.  Do your part, NOW, while we still can. It is not a lack of funds, it is a lack of management and more importantly, it is a laissez-faire attitude while the two CEO’s strive for higher office. 

The Parole Board does it again, albeit, this time it is not a policeman killer that has been released, rather a mother whose 8 children died suspiciously.

One News Now is reporting that Muslim candidates who are running in record numbers – face backlash.

Robert Knight opines on Living in revolutionary times.

Larry Horist explains that the democrats do have a platform. 

The Heritage Foundation reminds us that groups linked to George Soros are behind campaigns to repeal Trump tax cuts.

7 Takeaways From FBI Agent Strzok’s Testimony Before 2 House Committees