Daily Update

The July 7 NY Post editorial makes it perfectly clear that should Governor Andrew Cuomo win reelection, the corruption that has permeated his tenure in office will continue.  As the Post editorial states “We shudder to think what a third Cuomo term might bring,” every resident in New York State qualified to vote should end his blatant abuse of taxpayers by ending his political career.

E. J. McMahon reports Cuomo’s upstate hype continues

Michael Goodwin asks the question, “Is Hillary Clinton secretly planning to run in 2020?”

Trump has made colleges truly color-blind at last.   

Another good thing that President Trump did was roll back the outdated Obama era regulation of net neutrality.  The Dems in Congress will try to reinstate them by using the Congressional Review Act. Dem’s are trying to get a discharge petition vote on July 11th.  Access to reliable high-speed Internet is non-negotiable in today’s world. The Republican Majority in Congress must focus now on creating an environment wherein small Internet providers can expand access across the country. Threatening this access as the Democrats are is playing politics with American small business; it’s counterproductive, costly, and un-American.  Reach out to your representative in Congress and let them know that you do not support Democrats in their fight to overregulate the internet.  If you want to know more about net neutrality, read this article

Steve Cuozzo opines that De Blasio has proven that he couldn’t care less about the poor.

ICYMI:  De Blasio’s latest flight of folly.

Guy Benson opines on SCOTUS Showdown: Red State Democrats Catch Durbin’s Resistance Fever At Own Peril.

‘Deep State’ accused of targeting tea party favorite.

Robert Knight opines on Mad and hot, the ‘Resistance’ is seething

Charles Hurt:  Even abortion enthusiasts know Roe v. Wade is a legal abomination