Daily Update

Today’s  NY Post editorial headline states:  Radical left could rise in NY after Democratic socialist’s win, and Stephen Miller has an Op-Ed titled: With Ocasio-Cortez’s rise, Dems now own their loony far-left flank, both are very much on target as to the situation in New York’s political world.  Governor Andrew Cuomo has embraced the far left and astonishingly demeaned the voters who put their hope and faith in a candidate that offers them exactly what they want free everything (and the road Cuomo is on) including a guaranteed federal job.  Remember this “A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take away everything that you have.”  Can someone please show these voters a country that prospered for her citizens that has a socialistic government, neither can we.  

Michele Malkin wants you to meet the “abolish ICE” zealots.  

Governor Cuomo has more competition for 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue:  Ocasio-Cortez wants to be president, mom says.  My guess is that Cuomo will track even further to the left knowing this. 

Meanwhile the Buffalo Billions trial is still ongoing;  Cuomo wanted corrupt lobbyist to be his spy: witness.  

After Janus Ruling, Cuomo Orders State Workers’ Info Kept Private, the problem is, it already is private under state law.  The Empire Center explains what is eligible to be FOILed and what isn’t.  Ken  Girardin  opines on the Janus Ultimatum

New York labor leaders voice fury, defiance in wake of Supreme Court decision.

Have you seen the latest RNC ad:  ‘UNHINGED’?

Charles Hurt opines on the reality that a new civil war is already upon us.  Fortunately, there are people like Miss Community, Clovia Lawrence, who are trying to bring civility to their corner of the world. 

Larry Elder writes that it is criminal behavior, not racism, that explains ‘racial disparities’ in crime stats

Ronald Reagan’s legacy lives on through this Judge’s common sense.

Larry Horist:  The Supreme court tilts a little more to starboard.