Daily Update

Governor Cuomo:  can you explain this?  Fifty towns and villages that have lost upward of 6% of their population since you came into office?  Not a record to tout when asking New York’s citizens to give you another term.  You can’t even point to Buffalo (where you have poured millions of tax dollars into) as a success, since USA today listed it as the 34th worst city to live in in the entire nation.   New York needs new leadership; Marc Molinaro will work to restore New York’s economic engine to keep people here and revitalized cities and towns without government giveaways. 

The IG report has been released, most of it was leaked already.  You can read the full report here.  It really is disturbing that two top officials of the FBI thought they could stop a person from being elected; it is gratifying to know that they couldn’t.  Here is Guy Benson’s take on the IG report.   The FBI is ordering bias training to prevent future problems.   This appears to be new information:  IG REPORT: FBI AGENTS REGULARLY RECEIVED FREE HANDOUTS FROM JOURNALISTS.  Of course, Dem Senators Pounce on IG Report as Proof There’s No Deep State Conspiracy.  

Hillary Clinton could still face charges, experts say

Oops:  Comey used personal email for government business

I find it fascinating that left-wing thinkers are so quick to insult right-thinking individuals and whine if someone says something negative about them. 

The drive to jail NYCHA’s fraudsters…personally I think jail is too good for them.  How about forcing the fraudsters to live in a NYCHA apartment for a minimum of 5 years? 

Bombshell:  Maloney all smiles with diplomat who likened drug war to ‘Final Solution’.  Even giving her the benefit of the doubt that she is unaware of what he said, shouldn’t one of our representatives in Congress, who is responsible for drafting and voting on bills, know who she is being photographed with?  Especially before posting it like some teenager who just had their photo taken with a rock star.

Flag Day facts: 10 things you didn’t know about the American flag