Daily Update

The Manhattan Institute skewers Mayor de Blasio over the fact that the NYCHA had to be placed under the control of a federal monitor due to the lack of proper maintenance.  What is laughable is that the Mayor said he orchestrated to protect the residents of NYSHA. 

Henry Rex Greene opines on the dangers of assisted suicide. 

Seattle City Council listened and repealed its “head” tax to combat homelessness.  Business can fight back and win!

Pew Research says public support for the death penalty ticks up

Why won’t Congress cut items like this from the budget?

The Daily Signal brings us up to date on what hasn’t happened to the Internet since net neutrality ended on Monday. 

Gun control activist is now an expert on net neutrality…and he is only 18.  If only we were all as smart as he is.

A Philosophy of expedience – The Left’s jurisprudence is whatever sounds good politically.

Pompeo:  North Korea Must Denuclearize and They’re on a Tight Timeline to Get It Done.

Michael Goodwin writes in the NY Post that Trump’s historic summit is a time to celebrate – not nitpicking. 

Trump on ‘Special Report:’ US military drawdown in South Korea ‘not on the table’ yet.

Reports:  Yes, Trump Has A Plan To Kill DACA–And If It Works, The Program Could End In Weeks.

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