2018 Assembly Ratings- Short Description of Bills Used

1. A.9503-D Budget/S7503-D Budget: CPNYS opposes this bill that contains Medicaid funding for abortions.

2. A.3039-C Budget/S2009-C – Budget: CPNYS opposed this bill that enacts into law the major components of legislation necessary to implement the state fiscal pan for the 2017-2018 state fiscal year which only continues the expansion of NYS government at the cost of taxpayers.

3. S.8751 Sepulveda/A.3696 Pretlow: CPNYS opposes this bill that would authorize the Crime Victims Board to accept other official
documents in lieu of police reports for eligibility for compensation; CPNYS believes this will open up the possibility of fraud.

4. S.2412-D DeFrancisco/A.8595-C Perry: CPNYS supports this bill that creates the commission on prosecutorial conduct to review
complaints of prosecutorial misconduct in New York State.

5. S.6807 Golden/A.8511 Dinowitz: CPNYS supports this bill that prohibits diversion of funds dedicated to public transportation systems.

6. S.8380-A Funke/A.10639-A Morelle: CPNYS opposes this bill that authorizes the use of Paid Family Leave (PFL) for bereavement; by 2021 PFL will be for 12 weeks which will place an undue burden on small businesses.

7. S8501-B Murphy/A8245-C O’Donnell: CPNYS supports this bill that seeks to reform the NY ticket resale law in order to increase
transparency and fairness for consumers.

8. S. 8298 Gallivan/A10795 Paulin: CPNYS opposes this bill that gives members of the NYS legislature the ability to solemnize marriages.

9. S.8769 Ortt/A.10644 Gunther: CPNYS supports this bill that sets forth policies and procedures for discharge of an individual with a
mental illness.

10. A.2646-A Simotas: While CPNYS sympathizes with couples unable to have children, we oppose requiring health insurance policies to provide coverage for in-vitro fertilization.

11. A.9608-B Lavine: CPNYS opposes any attempt to allow early voting.

12. A.9605-A De La Rosa: CPNYS opposes this bill that seeks to provide financial assistance to those who are not legal citizens of New York or America. Citizenship has its privileges and while we understand the necessity of education, providing scholarships and financial aid is an opportunity that must be reserved to those who are in this country legally.

13. A.5137-A Rosenthal, L: CPNYS supports this bill that would require all single occupancy bathrooms in state owned or operated buildings be designated as gender neutral.

14. A.4879 Bichotte: CPNYS opposes this bill that seeks to prohibit law enforcement officers from using racial and ethnic profiling; our
Constitution currently provides that a police officer must have a just and reasonable cause to stop individuals, this bill creates onerous
regulations that takes time from law enforcement officers actually doing their jobs.

15. A. 4738 – A Gottfried: CPNYS is opposed to the establishment of the New York Health Plan that seeks to establish a universal singlepayer health plan for all New Yorkers.

16. A.4696 Titus: CPNYS opposes this bill that seeks to establish a policy of equal pay for both sexes and equivalent value of work and
directs corrective action.

17. A. 4348 – A Crespo: CPNYS is opposed to this bill that seeks to establish the NYS 2020 complete count commission; CPNYS believes that this commission is unnecessary and duplicative of the work to be performed by the US Census Bureau the agency that has responsibility of assuring the census is accurate.

18. A.3358 Gottfried: CPNYS is opposed to this Orwellian thought-crimes bill and strongly believed what when a person is discriminated against there are current laws that those who harm others will be charged with.

19. A.2343 Aubry: CPNYS is opposed to this bill that would require employers to make a conditional offer of employment before inquiring about any criminal convictions of a prospective employee; this bill is unnecessary as current correction law prohibits discrimination against a person with a criminal record.

20. A.1748 Glick: CPNYS is proudly pro-life and is opposed to this bill that seeks to “update New York’s abortion statutes to address
constitutional flaws in our (New York’s) laws and recognize a woman’s fundamental right to access safe, legal abortion.”

The first 9 Bills passed both houses; the final 11 Bills only passed in their own house.