Daily Update

The Post endorses Dan Donovan for Congress

What is wrong with the Assembly’s thinking:  Assembly moves to protect trafficking victims — and some pimps, too. 

And unfortunately, it is not only the Assembly that isn’t thinking about what is best for taxpayers.  How union construction privileges bleed taxpayers dry.   Bill puts sick kids second

How the Assembly can fight corruption and give the taxpayers a break

Michigan comes to its senses and repeals its prevailing wage regulations for road.  It will most likely save taxpayers 10 to 15%.  Yet, the NYS legislature is thinking about making it law here in NY.

First it was the Mayor, now it is his wife:  Nonprofit led by mayor’s wife gets millions from donors with city business. 

Michael Goodwin’s column on Sunday defended the government and slammed the NY Times.

Top DEA agent slams de Blasio’s edict on marijuana

Bill Mahar wants the economy to crash – and hurt our citizens – just because he wants Trump out as president.  Seriously?  And to add insult to injury, Robert De Niro is so full of hatred that he has to swear “blank” Trump while our President is trying to make the world a better place negotiating with North Korea?  What is wrong with these entertainment elitists?

Bill Clinton is no different than Bill Cosby.