Daily Update

One would think that Governor Andrew Cuomo would have more self-confidence in himself, after all he has been a part of the political world since he was campaign manager for his father Mario at the tended age of 25 — 36 years ago.  Yet, instead of standing proudly on his record, Andrew Cuomo can’t resist a chance to bash Trump.  And he is running scared – still latched onto Bill and Hillary Clinton.  

Man murders one of our New York City police officers, now he wants your money!

Schumer’s Hypocrisy Soars to New Heights Over Gasoline Prices.

Talk about hypocrisy:  The Wall Street Journal informs us how Democrats cash in on tax reform.  

Andrew McCarthy opines in National Review on-line on the Obama Administration’s hypocritical pretext for spying on the Trump campaign.     

The NY Times has a problem.  Embarrassment for New York Times as top editor falls for old photo amid weekend of misleading anti-Trump tweets.

The Daily Signal writes about how the hubris of Judges threatens our ability to govern ourselves.   

Charles Hurt’s column points out how President Trump has inherited President Reagan’s wind. 

Robert Knight writes in the Washington Times on how the culture war spreads like wildfires over social media and can destroy a small business so fast that it never really knew what hit it. 

Larry Horist opines on how Angus King’s beef is a bit off.

First we learn that Mayor de Blasio puts PR over homeless, now we learn that he should be called Mayor deadbeat

E. J. McMahon, NY’s fiscal expert, wants what is best for New York taxpayers.

Bill Hammond writes how bad state policy drives bad behavior

Cuomo’s secret SUNY deal.